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Kayaking in Ireland

Kayaking in Ireland

Kayaking Courses

Leitrim and Lough Allen is definitely one of the best places to learn Kayaking in Ireland, with its abundant Leitrim lakes and spectacular rivers of all grades; and all very close to Lough Allen Adventure Centre.

Anyone taking our Beginners Kayaking Course, will start with a sit-on-top kayak which is a high buoyancy boat and will be taught some basic strokes. Once you progress, you’ll be amazed at how versatile and manouverable a kayak can be. You will be learning to roll and running rivers in no time!

Kayaking Classes for All Levels

So, if you’re a beginner, we can get you started. If you’re further along the line, we can guide you to expert level. If you’re unsure of what level you are or would simply like to give kayaking a try, keep in mind that we do offer taster sessions. Additionally, we are certified by the Irish Canoe Union (ICU) and do offer ICU certified Level 1 – Level 3 courses as well as instructor training courses.

Instructor watching over Kayaking Kayaking team Kayaking in Leitrim Summer Camp group Kayaking


Interested in Open Boating?

We also run courses for open-boating, both singles and doubles. Open-boats are great for touring and expeditions and are equally as exciting as kayaks in white-water river running. For island expeditions, we raft two of these together and viola; we’ve got our cargo ship – stable, with a great capacity for people and equipment. We also offer open-boat hire.
If you’d like to find out more about kayaking, our highly competent instructors, our equipment or how to book a session, please give us a call and see our FAQs. Have a look at some of our greatest kayaking action shots over in the photo-gallery.

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