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gaisce leitrim IrelandGaisce Award Expeditions

Lough Allen Adventure has been running Gaisce Award Expeditions for more than ten years with a multitude of schools every year using Lough Allen Adventure for the adventure expedition element of the award.


a) We have got ten years experience with providing fun, responsible and safe expeditions meaning students, teachers and parents know that they will get a genuine adventure experience that everyone will fondly remember.

b) We encourage a philosophy which allows the students to take control of the decision making process, carry out those decisions and learn from the experience.

c) We have a team of highly qualified instructors with many years of experience to ensure that students come away from the experience having learned the factors of leadership, responsibility, team-working, communication and respect for each other and the environment. All whilst having had shed loads of fun!


We are confident to be the best choice for a Gaisce Award Expedition, so why not give us a shout to check cost, availability along with all the details you will need to know. You may also: Read some testimonials, have a look at our FAQs on Gaisce Award Expeditions and have a look at some pictures of past Gaisce Award Expeditions in our gallery.


Application Form: Click here to download Microsoft Word doc. >> booking-form

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